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Technology is for you, not you for technology

 Technology is for you, not you for technology

Technology is for you, not you for technology

There is a story in a village. There lived a farmer in that village. The same as a small farm. It will be approximately one and a half to two acres and so on. The farmer was hardworking. He used to work regularly in the fields with his wife and grow vegetables. He was mainly involved in the cultivation of tomatoes. Red juicy tomatoes were grown and sold in the city. He was getting money for food. Not in a lot of luxury, but both of them are living a contented life. But, like everyone else, he also occasionally wished he could make a little more money. In that, the agriculture business said that there were ups and downs. When the crop is short, money seems scarce. Many times, tomatoes get damaged and the price is reduced while passing through bad roads. So his wife used to grumble every day, wishing that her husband should do a job so that he would get a fixed salary every month.

Once in the city, the food mall at the entrance of the city is “working in the air. A board appeared saying monthly salary Rs.10,000/-. He thought, let's inquire on the way home. He finished his work and tidied up a bit and went there to investigate. There he was given a form. And asked to fill the information. He gave as much information as he could, and waited for further instructions. After a while he was asked to go into a cabin, where the Sahabah sat and started interviewing him. After asking some information, he was informed about the work to be done in the food mall. His salary, time, etc. were fixed. This card was very happy. Later, Saheb, looking at the blank fields in the form he had filled, told him “You have not written your mobile number here, write it. Also write the email id and give it to the officer sitting outside. They will call you.” The farmer told him that he does not use mobile phone, e-mail etc. So that Saheb made his face a little strange and cut him off by saying, ok, we will send a letter to your address and let you know. The poor man went home happy and relieved to find a job. But even after four or five days, the letter did not come, so it became a bit sour. One day when he went to the mall and inquired, he realized that someone had been appointed to that place. He was very upset. Then he will decide that the job will not bother us. We will focus on agriculture.

He started farming with all his heart. Focus on tomatoes. Started learning how to use new new types of technology. Tried how to get more crops in the same space. He decided to experiment with the cultivation of tomato and another vegetable and was successful. He realized that chillies can be cultivated along with tomatoes. He concentrated his entire attention on agriculture. He also benefited from that. Money also started getting. He also started farming by buying land adjacent to his farm.

Everything was going smoothly, but the loss of tomatoes while traveling from the village to the city was his next challenge. 30-40% of tomatoes split no matter how carefully you try. He would return home after throwing away the tomatoes as well.

One day, he made up his mind and brought that tomato home. Remove the split tomatoes in a clean bucket. Separated the tomatoes. Finely peel and remove the seeds etc. And asked his wife to make the gara soup. He also gave that soup to his neighbors. Everyone loved the tomato soup. Thinking that he could make such soup and sell it to people, he bought a small piece of land in the city and set up a “Special Tomato Soup” shop there. It started earning. Then he learned how to make tomato sauce. He started making home-made sauces and selling them by creating a clean kitchen-like space in a small space beside the farm. He started making new things like tomato ketch up, tomato puree etc. Then a hot sauce was made using chillies from the farm itself. People liked it very much. Seeing the huge demand, he bought machinery to make the sauce on a large scale. Along with agriculture, he developed this business with great attention. And gradually he started a big factory. And he started selling his wares in almost every city. The farmers of the village were employed. Paid a fair salary. Being the owner himself and mixing with them, no one was jealous or jealous of him. His family grew. A lot of money came. But the children were brought up in good manners. While doing all this, the agricultural work continued vigorously with the help of children. Overall everything was going well.

The owner of a large local food mall had heard about this farmer. So he wanted to meet this farmer very much. One day he himself came to this farmer's factory. He got to know the farmer. Saw his factory. New experiments done in the field were explained. After seeing all the surroundings, he praised the farmer very much. The farmer was very happy to see that the owner of such a big company himself came and praised him so much. While the two were having tea, the owner of that company asked the farmer how he does marketing etc.?

The farmer told how he got all the buyers on his own, went to the market and sold the goods himself. The owner of that company felt that something was missing here. Then he explained how his company's marketing was high tech. Internet, new methods of advertisement etc. were told. On leaving he gave his visiting card to the farmer, and asked for the farmer's card. The farmer told the owner that he had not printed the card etc. Laughing at that, the owner said, “Hey sir, you run such a factory and you don't have a visiting card? No mobile? No mail id? No web site...surprise. Think if you had all these things from the time you started your business, you would have reached where you are today. Don't you think what I am saying is right?”

Hearing his words, the farmer was stunned for a few seconds. Mind went back a few years and remembered that day. For a moment I thought, “Are we repeating the same mistake we made then?” .... But in the second moment, the farmer said to the owner with a happy smile on his face, "Sir, if I had a mobile phone and mail at that time, I would definitely be working as a clerk or at most a manager in some mall like your food mall today."

The owner of the food mall understood the correct meaning of his words. The two looked deeply into each other's eyes, and remembering the old days, they both took a mecca leave.

Instead of crying because something is not there, one should take courage and make progress by making proper use of available things. “Technology is for us, we are not for technology”

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