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The benefit of sarcasm

 The benefit of sarcasm

The story is fictional but conveys a great meaning.

There was a nice plateau. Many sheep roamed around the plateau because of the lush green grass. In the middle of the plateau was a hill. Very steep climb. As it was difficult to go over it, the sheep never ventured in that direction. Once an old sheep in that flock called everyone near. Of course, everyone made a big fuss in favor of that sheep as per the rule of the herd. The old sheep said to all the sheep “Today we have to run a race. The sheep that climbs that hill first will be declared the head of the flock.”

As soon as the elder sheep said this, they all marched towards the hill. All the sheep ran towards the hill pushing each other. Some of the sheep sat at the base of the hill muttering that “this hill is impossible to climb”.

Many sheep would slip and fall down. Many of them also get tired and come down saying, "This hill is simply impossible to climb." It started like that. When a single tone started coming from the lower fold, “This hill is impossible to climb”, the rest of the sheep died on hearing it, and after a while almost all the sheep came down and started chanting “This hill is impossible to climb”. In all of them, the same sheep was constantly climbing, falling, climbing again and going up a little. It fell again and was going up with the same force. She paid no attention to the sheep below.

After a while she reached the hill and came down. Everyone appreciated her a lot. The elder sheep called her close, congratulated her and asked “How did you do this? All the other sheep sat down and pretended it was not possible, but you reached the hill without them noticing.” Even so, the sheep did not reply.

On being questioned once more, one of the sheep in the flock said loudly, "This sheep is deaf and dumb, it cannot speak or hear."

Many times we understand that because of the sarcasm of some people, we unknowingly criticize them more than necessary. Basically, it's natural to worry about them, but by worrying, we do ourselves a disservice and forget that we have a lot to learn from them too. We can learn from each element as we move through society. What should we do? Who wants to listen? Who to ignore? You should think about this and do your work.

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