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Raman's fair justice

Raman's fair justice

In a kingdom there lived a very intelligent young man named Raman. He was known to treat everyone with courtesy and understanding. Even the king was proud of him. Many a times people came to Raman to resolve disputes in the state amicably and in a proper manner. On rare occasions even the king sought his help.

Four thieves lived in the same village. To steal and share together. Thieves as they are, they also had a little distrust of each other. Once he stole a huge wealth. He kept all the stolen money in a box. “Where to carry this box everywhere? Rather put it in the right place" thought the four. He decided that “a grandmother lives in a house at the gate of the village. Very simple - naive. No one comes to her house. Convince her somehow and put this box at her house, and take it after a few days.”

All four went to that grandmother's house. He said to her, "Grandmother, we four will keep whatever wealth we have earned with hard work in your house. We are going to another village for some work, we will take the box when we come. So you take care of this box. But give us this box when the four of us come together.” Grandma also got ready and said ok.

All four left. After a long distance, they saw a milkman. The four wanted to drink milk, but as there was no pot near them, they decided that one should go and fetch four cups from the grandmother. Like that, one person went to his grandmother's house. His mind changed. He decided to trick his grandmother and escape with the box. He did a trick. He went to grandma's house and said grandma our trip to village is cancelled. You give us that box. Grandma said where are the others? He called her out of the house and pointed to the others standing a few feet away. And very cleverly he called out to the others, "What the hell are we going to bring there?" Here these three thought that this Bhandyabandhal was talking. He also answered with a resounding “yes”. Ajibai thought that her mind has changed. She took him inside and gave him the box. It escaped through the back door of the house and ran away.

A long time passed but the remaining three came to Ajibai to see how the fourth one had not arrived yet. He asked the grandmother about that friend. Ajibai admitted that he “said he asked for a box and you said yes so I gave the box”. The three noticed what had happened. He was very angry with the grandmother. They asked her for compensation. and threatened to complain to the king if he did not do so. What will the poor woman do, she said go to the king.

All three went to the king. He pretended to be greedy and told the king how the money earned by his hard work was lost because of his grandmother. The king found the grandmother guilty and ordered, “If you do not return the box within 10 days, be ready for punishment”.

Grandma started crying. She knew nothing. She was very sad. Someone suggested her to go to Raman. She went to Raman crying. She told Raman everything that happened. He realized that all four of them were bogus. He told her not to worry on the 10th day there will be justice in front of the king.

The day dawned. The old man, the three thieves and Raman came to the palace. Raja questions Raman and says you must have come to plead for this grandmother. Say what you want to say.

He took the king's permission and asked his grandmother, "Grandmother, why did you give that box to that fourth friend?"

Grandmother told what happened. The other three described how they were confused by saying "yes".

Then Raman asked the three "You say yes?"

All three agreed. “But there is nothing wrong with us. We want our box back.”

Raman asked grandma "when he gave the box to you" when we four were together

Was it said to give? Grandma replied “yes”.

Raman explained the incident to the king in detail and told the three “Ajibai will give you the box. But she can give the box only if all four of you go to her as per the condition you set. So the four of you come together. Otherwise don't ask for a box or compensation from grandma.”

The king was very happy with this clever judgment of Raman. Even the king understood that these four were thieves. But he found it difficult to judge without evidence. The king agreed to the justice given by Raman and admitted that there would be no punishment for Ajibai if the four did not come together.

All three were wrong. We need to find the fourth one and end this form outside. Accordingly, all three of them went out in search of the fourth one and never came back.

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