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Parable - The King's Judgment

 Parable - The King's Judgment

Parable - The King's Judgment

Just as a stone does not attain divinity unless it bears the wounds of a tank; Similarly, greatness is not achieved without passing many exams, this is true! Long long ago, there was such a just and kind king. His name was Shibiraja! What happened once was when Shibi Raja was sitting in his palace, a pigeon was trying to save his life.

A dove came in from the window and quickly settled on the left hand of the king. Shibiraja looked at that pigeon with a glare, what if! Those pigeons were completely terrified. His whole body was shaking with fear. His eyes were shining. Shibiraja was kind and loving by nature. He had a special fondness for animals and birds.

Shibi Raja lovingly moved his hand over the body of the pigeon. So it became a bit fearless. He knew that we had now surrendered to this king; So now we have no reason to fear anyone. Because to give shelter to the surrendered, to protect him, is the breath of the king. With such a thought in his mind, that pigeon now became a little happy with Rajashraya. The same deaf Sasana who was on the trail of that pigeon - he also came there.

Sasanya saw that the pigeon was sitting on the left hand of the king and the king was humming it with his right hand. Then he said to Sasana Sibiraja, “King, let that pigeon down. That is my prey. My prey is mine I must get.” Shibiraja said to the rabbit, “Look, why have you surrendered to me, this frightened, fearful one. He has sought refuge with me. So surrendering is my religion. That is my duty.

Then I know I will not give him; If I release the dove, you will eat it and satisfy your hunger. Then Sasana said, "King, you know this justice, don't you know, I am hungry. I have sought my prey, I must have it, or else I shall starve here at your door, O Shibiraja, and shall not the same sin fall on your head? So says the king, give me my food, give me my food - let me satisfy my hunger.” Then the king said, “Look, if you want any other food, ask for it. I will gladly give it to you.

But now you will not get this pigeon.” Then Sasana said, "O king, if your decision is firm, then do one thing, you should remove from your body the meat equal to the weight of that pigeon." Shibi Raja immediately accepted Sasane's proposal. The king ordered the servant and called for a set of scales. The dove given shelter was placed in a pan of scales.

The king took a sharp knife and plunged it into his thigh. And removed the meat from there and put it in another pan. But the weight of the pigeon was heavy. Then Shibi Raja removed the meat from various places such as hand, leg, and tail and put it in another parda, but the pigeon parda did not go up or it would be eaten.

For a moment, Shibi Raja was surprised to see this. He looked at the dove in the parda for a moment. A look at that rabbit too. And in the next moment the king said, "O rabbit, do you want the meat of my body equal to the weight of this pigeon, then look at this, I offer my whole body in this second parda." All the flesh was offered to that rabbit as food.

Saw the justice of Shibiraja, his kindness and the readiness of the king who sacrificed his life to protect the surrendered and…. The same pigeon became Agnidev and the rabbit became Indradev! Both of them blessed Shibi Raja and said, “King, we were testing your generosity. You are indeed just, merciful; Not only us, but the world today is convinced of this. you are blessed Blessed are you, King.'

Meaning: It is the dharma of a king to offer refuge to a surrendered person.

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