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Parable - Kanchanmrig

 Parable - Kanchanmrig

Parable - Kanchanmrig

Rama, Lakshmana and Sita, who obeyed their father's orders and left for fourteen years of exile, came to the beautiful region of Panchavati. Seeing that beautiful area surrounded by various trees and creepers... enthralling by the singing of various birds... full of forests, water, flowers and fruits, Shri Ram decided to stay in that area. He ordered Lakshmana to build a beautiful parnakuti there. Lakshmana soon built a nice parnakuti there and the three of them started living there. A demon called Shurpanakha was giving a lot of trouble to the Rishi-Muni of that Panchavati in their Yagya-Yag, Hom-Havan. Shurpanakha is the sister of Ravana, the ruler of Lanka.

Once this Rakshashini saw Rama-Lakshmana and the beautiful Sita with them. She started coming towards them. Seeing her monstrous form, Sita got scared and stood behind Rama. On the order of Sri Rama, Lakshmana cut off the nose and ears of the evil demon. Disfigured her. Then she went to her brother Ravana in Lanka, determined to take revenge for this deed of the demon. Ravana saw his sister in that hideous form but… he asked, “O sister! Who made you like this?" Then Shurpankhe gave a true description of that Ram-Lakshmana meeting in Panchavati, that Sandar, Sushil Ram Bharyasita, who was with them.

“Sita will look more beautiful in Lanka,” she told her brother. Hearing Sita's name, description of her form from his sister... Ravana remembered the time when Sita was alone. He remembered his embarrassment at that time. Greed, lust, anger rose up in his mind. Ravana summoned an elusive demon named Marich.

In connivance with him, Ravana hatched a devious plan. One day when Sita was picking flowers in the garden outside her Parnakuti, she saw a kanchan antelope dancing, running and running in front of her. Sita saw the deer's golden limbs, jeweled horns, golden sparkles, the playful movement that made the eyes shine, and Sita fell in love with the deer. She demanded the same Kanchanmriga from Sri Rama. Sri Rama requested her to stop the temptation of that Kanchanmriga.

But no! 'Swami, do whatever you want, but bring me that deer,' Sita insisted to Sri Rama. Finally, leaving Sita in the care of Lakshmana, Lord Rama himself ran after him with bow and arrow to catch the deer. The deer started running faster. The deer carried Shriram for a long distance, giving him hootings. Finally Shriram released an arrow. That arrow hit the deer.

However, falling down on the dam, the deer shouted, “Lakshmana…. run…. run…. Save me….” Sita heard those words, run, but she ordered Lakshmana to 'run to help Sri Rama.' Actually, Lakshmana did not like to leave Sita alone in that forest. He was more worried about Sitamai than Rama. Finally he died. Still Lakshmana drew a line with his arrow to protect Sitamai and said “Vahini, whatever happens you should not step outside this line Lakshmana. Otherwise there will be an ambush.”

Having said this, Lakshmana ran to Rama's aid with a bow and arrow in his hand. As per the pre-planned plot, Lankapati Ravana made a move. He saw that Sita was alone, but…..soon a sadhu Bairagi came to the door of Parnakuti and started saying “Mai, increase the alms”. Heard those words of the monk. Sita remembered the guest Dharma and came to the courtyard to offer him alms.

Thinking that she is doing good to give alms to the sadhu who came to the door, she was not even aware of the Lakshmana line drawn by Lakshmana. Sita came forward to increase alms, while Ravana, the evil impostor in the form of a monk, retreated. Inadvertently Sita crossed that line but….the next moment Ravana killed Sita and Ramayana happened next.

Meaning: Don't leave limits, don't fall prey to temptation.

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