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मंगळवार, २७ डिसेंबर, २०२२

Let's accompany each other

 Let's accompany each other

In a village two siblings used to live together with their parents. Siblings were so understanding, but sometimes they quarreled and the situation escalated into fights. His parents were very worried, but what to do? Explain to them.

Act wise for a while but then come back to me.

After a few years, the old parents died. Now the two brothers have become children. There was no one to explain to them anymore. A few days passed in peace but now it was time to divide the house-property. The argument started. Second, there were accusations of being selfish and selfish. There is no problem. They went to a grandfather in the village. He told the whole truth to his grandfather. Grandpa was experienced, he recognized the situation immediately.

He asked one of the two brothers "Do you believe in the other brother?" The brother said "Absolutely not".

"Well then you believe in yourself?" Grandpa asked. "Of course," he replied.

Grandfather asked these two questions to another brother. He also gave the same answer.

Grandpa addressed both of them saying "It is unfortunate that you both believe in yourselves but not in the other. But if you want to solve this puzzle then do as I say. One of you should use your conscience to divide the wealth into two equal parts and the other should choose one part. That is the only answer."

Both brothers got this trick. And so they did. Question solved. Whenever such a situation arose in the future, he handled it in the same way. Later, their quarrels started to decrease. Both started thinking about each other and acting happily

Began to stay.

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