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मंगळवार, २७ डिसेंबर, २०२२



 while reviewing the terrible flood situation in Kashmir, in an interview conducted by the media, the flood victims said, “There is no help from the government. No one came to help us...” Such was the general tone. The media also made "proper" use of his reactions. Seeing all this, I remembered a very simple but very meaningful story that I once read.

Once upon a time there was a big tree in a field. It was a nice gnarled tree. The farmer of that farm was rich. Called work late. Every morning after the house worship etc. was over, he would meet some other familiar householder, chat with him, come to the field to look after him, chat here and there and relax under this tree. In the afternoon, he used to go home for dinner. Such was the general routine. Great miser in terms of money. The poor people who came to work did not want to be paid on time, so they too bowed down to Dekhlya Deva and avoided work. Saying “yes” and running away.

There was a sparrow nest on this tree. The couple and their 3 young live in the nest. Every morning the sparrow went to that field and brought as much grain as he needed and gave it to the sparrow. Chimni fed the chicks and ate the rest herself. Once the sparrow came from the same field with grains, the sparrow looked a little scared. She said to the sparrow “Hey, now we have to find a new nesting place. Now that farmer was sitting here saying, tomorrow we should call the gadi people and start harvesting. Go to the city and ask them to bring harvesting tools. Now that the harvest has started, how will we get food? Let's move the nest somewhere else”

Chimana said, “Well, nothing happens yet. See you tomorrow.”

The next day the farmer was again sitting under that tree and talking to someone, “Oh, how lazy the old people of our village have become. Called today, did not come. One was told to go to town to get weapons, but he is missing. Now tomorrow someone is coming from the city with weapons, tell him to start harvesting tomorrow at least”, Chimani hears all this, and tells Chimani. Chimana repeats, “Well, nothing happens yet. See you tomorrow.”

On the third day, the farmer comes to the field in a fit of rage, calls two or four people under the tree, and breathes heavily. The weapons did not come from the city. That makes him even more upset. The gadi people say they will not work and leave. The farmer mutters to himself “Let's go, let's pay the people in the next village a bit more and start harvesting from tomorrow. I bring the weapon.” The sparrow hears all this, and tells the sparrow. Chimana says again, “Okay, still nothing will happen, don't worry. See you tomorrow.”

The next day, the farmer arrives in the field with implements. But the gadi people of the neighboring village do not come. Now, however, the farmer is upset and says, “Everything is gone. Let's go, from tomorrow I will start the harvest” and he leaves the circle.

The sparrow hears this, and tells the sparrow. But now what the sparrow tells the sparrow is very very important for all of us. “Hmm, now we have to start moving the nest. For so long this farmer was dependent on others. He has wasted almost 45 days thinking that Amaka will come and work, Tamaka will come and work. And don't worry, I've started nesting in another field since the day you first told me. In these 4-5 days I have built half a nest. This will be completed by the time of harvest. The place is nice too. He is also a clever farmer, having built a warehouse nearby, where he stores grain. We don't need to move from there for at least a year or two. Now the farmer here is ready to harvest himself, so it is certain that the harvest will start from tomorrow.”

What it took the farmer four days to understand, Chimana recognized it on the very first day. The work of the second nest was started on the first day itself. Can't you do that? When will we come out of the farmer's mentality? When will the knowledge that sparrows/animals possess, come to us? Will we continue to cry, “Nobody came to save us”? Will we show the people that the government is not helping, there is not a single person in the government?

Anyway, I don't know when the media will change, but if such a situation happens, I will be ready to help as much as I can without blaming anyone.

“Yes I myself will always be ready”

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