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Brave Zugi

 Brave Zugi

Brave Zugi

Zugi is a nine-ten year old girl. She and her parents lived in a farm hut. Her parents were working in the field. It was evening. Zugi was sitting studying. A lamb was tied outside the hut. Mother came to the hut and put rice on the stove to cook. Zugi was told to look after the paddy and went to the well to fetch water.

Just then, there was a sound of lamb crying. Just like that, Zugi ran out of the hut. She saw a wolf. He was coming to the lamb. Zugi was scared. Thought for a moment. She quickly went to the hut. She came out with burning wood from the stove. Just as the wolf was about to pounce on the lamb, Zugi threw the burning wood towards the wolf. Seeing the fire, the wolf got scared. He ran away. The life of the lamb was saved, 'Run, run, the wolf has run', Zugi started shouting loudly.

Dad working in the field came running at her voice. Mother also came. Zugi told them what had happened. Mother held her close. Baba moved his hand over her head. The news of Zugi's bravery spread in the village. The village sarpanch patted her back. The school teachers, principal appreciated her courage.

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