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बुधवार, १५ फेब्रुवारी, २०२३

Good work results

 Good work results

Good work results

An old woman and her granddaughter lived in a forest.

And in the same forest, four robbers came to loot.

One day, while looting, evening came and heavy rain started with lightning.

The four robbers ran away for shelter in the forest.

Suddenly they saw an old woman's hut and went towards the old woman's hut. The old man sheltered them for the night.

The old woman cooked food and everyone sat down to eat and while eating, the topic of sin came up.

Everyone was presenting the topic in their own way.

Finally the old woman made a bet. Lightning is falling outside. Everyone would sew the tree in front of them and come back to the hut. Whoever gets struck by lightning is a sinner and whoever comes back to the hut safely is a virtuous person.

First the 1st robber went to the tree and came safely to the hut.

The second went, the third went, the fourth went. And all arrived safely in the hut.

Now it was the turn of the old woman and her granddaughter, the old woman wondered in her mind that these four robbers turned out to be virtuous, we must be sinners, thinking that the lightning would strike us.

She took her grandson by the side and stepped out of the hut. At that moment lightning struck the hut and in a moment all the four robbers were incinerated on the spot.

Meaning :-

Even today four sinners can live because of the shelter of one virtuous person.

But if he leaves the company, all four of them can be consumed.

So always take share of Pune.

We will never know when they will lie down in times of crisis.

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