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शनिवार, ७ जानेवारी, २०२३

Sadhu's justice

Sadhu's justice

Sadhu's justice

In a village there lived a rich farmer. He had abundant agriculture. He had become rich by farming very well. He had four children. She was also working hard, but there were constant quarrels between them. In that, all three were married in the same mandwat, so all the three daughters-in-law were new. Suna's arrival had increased the grumbling of the older three, but was under control. The fourth son was a bit sensible, the farmer was only concerned with how he behaved once he got married. Farmers were always worried about what would happen to them when they were no longer alive. A few rules were laid down to minimize fights. Children followed him.

He got a will from a lawyer in a neighboring village. In it, it was written down how much land one should take after his death, how to divide the livestock. Of course, the children knew nothing of this.

After a few months the farmer fell ill. The medicinal water was running, but it was of no use. The disease worsened. Realizing that his death was now near, he gave the will to all four of his children and introduced the lawyer. The farmer died on the same day night.

The day's work is done, and all the boys call the lawyer. Ask the lawyer to read the will. The lawyer started reading all the drafts of the death letter. The division of agriculture was agreed upon by all. The division of jewelery was agreed. Their desire not to divide the house was also accepted by all. Livestock was also distributed, now it was just a matter of one Imani dog. The dog was very loyal, and loved by almost everyone. But how to distribute it? Everyone asked this question. The dog was loved by all, so no one was ready to give up the authority. Then everyone asserted their rights on each leg of the dog. The two front legs belong to the elder brothers, the two back legs belong to the younger brothers. Of course, the fourth son accepted his food and drink arrangement very happily. Everything was going smoothly. But day by day the distance between the other three brothers was increasing.

Once a dog was playing in the garden of their house. It didn't bother the elder brother, and he threw a piece of fruit towards the dog. The fruit hit the poor dog's hind leg and injured him. This particular leg belonged to the younger, (unmarried) son. He saw, but did not fight and bandaged. And forgot. The wound was well bandaged, but the leg could not be lowered. After a while the dog limped into the kitchen as he must have been hungry. There, while eating the bread lying near the stove, the bandage tied to his leg caught fire. The dog got scared and ran away on three legs. He ran to a nearby field, and suddenly the field caught fire. Like the three brothers, the unmarried boy's farm burned and the poor dog also died in it.

Here the three brothers started fighting with each other due to the loss of the farm. All three started blaming the youngest brother. Because he said that the field was damaged due to the fire that he made. Everyone decided that you should pay for the damage done now. The poor younger brother was very sad. All four brothers were fighting in front of the house. The younger brother became lonely. The poor man thought a lot and sat in the courtyard of the house, confused as to what to do. At the same time a sadhu was passing by his house. Seeing him suffering, he inquired about it. This boy bowed down to Sadhu Maharaja and told all the truth. Sadhu told him not to be afraid, and also told him to take me to meet your brothers. Sadhu listened to all the four children. The children also decided to resolve the conflict with the help of the Sadhu.

After listening to all, the monk said that injustice is being done to the youngest. Sadhu said, for one thing you all shared the dog's legs, but your younger brother Khan Bichara was eating the same food. And one of you broke his owner's leg, but he also bandaged it without grumbling. Even that dog could not put his feet on the ground. In such a situation, when his legs caught fire, he would have actually used only three remaining legs to get to the field. This means that the dog could walk in the field because of its three legs. So the remaining three legs of the dog are responsible for the fire in the field. In the sense that the fourth leg was defective, the fault is not with that leg i.e. the owner of the leg. So, the three of you are responsible for all this, and now the three of you must make up for your younger brother.

The conclusion given by Sadhu was correct. All the three brothers realized their mistake. He apologized to his younger sibling, and everyone started crying together.

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