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गुरुवार, १२ जानेवारी, २०२३

A fox's fury

 A fox's fury

A fox's fury

Once a fox and a cat were talking about a hunting dog.

"I am very angry with hounds," said the fox.

"Me too." said the cat.

"They run very fast," said the fox. "But they cannot catch me. I know many tricks to get away from them."

"Who are you doing what tricks?" asked the cat.

"Many tricks!" The fox boasted, "Sometimes I run through the thorn bushes. Sometimes I sit in the brambles in the forest. Sometimes I hide in a big hole. I have many such tricks."

"I know only one good trick," said the cat.

"Oh! Only one trick? What is it?" asked the fox.

"Look now! Now I am going to do the same trick. Look, the hounds are coming here." Saying this, the cat climbed a nearby tree and sat down. There she remained very safe from the hunting dogs.

The hounds started chasing the fox. The fox was using one trick after another. But it was of no use. Eventually the hounds caught and killed the fox.

The cat said in her mind. "Poor fox! My one trick was better than his many tricks."

Meaning: Become proficient in any single subject, otherwise one or the other will be a rag.

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