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मंगळवार, ६ डिसेंबर, २०२२

House of pride down

 House of pride down

House of pride down

The learned poet Vaman Pandit was very proud of his knowledge. He would go from village to village, challenging and defeating the scholars there to debates and getting letters of invincibility from them.

Once Vamana Pandit went to Samarth Ramdas Swami and said to him, “Debate with me, or give me the invincible letter.” Samarth said, "First defeat my disciple and then come to me."

Finally Vamana went to Pandit Samartha's disciple named Kalyan and the disciple was counting betel nuts. The disciple who got an idea why Vaman Pandit came to him took a heap of betel nuts from the nearby betel nut tree and asked the pandit,

“Pandit, how many betel nuts are there in my bowl?” Vamana Pandit was momentarily confused by this unexpected question and said, “I cannot say. Can you tell?” Kalyan said, “I have tons of betel nuts in my bowl.” Vamana Pandit became speechless with this answer. So it is not the pundit who wins the debate, but the real pundit who does constructive work.

Meaning: House of pride down.

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