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मंगळवार, ६ डिसेंबर, २०२२




A farmer sold his farm to a farmer named Ganpat. Ganapatrao started digging for a well in a corner of the field. When the excavation was started, a large treasure full of gold was found in the excavation.

Ganapatrao took the money and went to the person from whom he bought the farm and said, I bought only your farm. Accept this donation as you are the 'real owner' of the donation of seals that I have found.

Then the farmer said, what is this justice? Oh, in the sense that when I sell the farm to you, whatever JJ gets in it is yours. So I have no right to take that share.

Seeing that the former owner of the farm was not taking the dowry, Ganapatrao went to the king and presented his complaint to him. The king called the former farmer and listened to both of them. After listening to both of them, the king divided the wealth between them and, pleased with their honesty, rewarded them both handsomely.

Meaning: Be honest.

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