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शनिवार, ३१ डिसेंबर, २०२२

Honest effort

 Honest effort

Honest effort

Once upon a time there lived a very poor person in a village. Despite being poor, everyone in the village treated him with respect as he was diligent and hardworking. It is nothing new to say that if a person is hardworking and diligent, she gets respect. But at the same time he had another quality, he was very religious. After taking a bath every day, he went to the temple and proceeded to his work. God was also very pleased with his devotion. The poor man comes to greet us every day. Nitya Nemane offers flowers. We will do the same.

"Whether his devotion, faith or superstition should be checked first," thought the god. So God made a trick. He appeared to him in his dream one night. In the dream he told him “I am pleased with you. You serve me everyday, offer me flowers everyday, I appreciate you so much. I am happy today. I want to give you something. But I'm going to test you. When you wake up tomorrow morning, there will be a big stone in front of your door. You would honestly try to move that stone. I will marry you only if you do. Not otherwise.” Thus God disappeared.

This man arose. He remembered the incident exactly in the dream. He went out of the house. A really big stone was in front of the door. He realized, the dream will surely come true. We will try hard and move that stone as fast as we can. And by pleasing God. I will do the night day to accomplish the work given by God. But he decided to do whatever it takes to move this stone.

He began. The stone was not very big but it was bulky. It was hit from above, from the side, from below. He brought guards, ropes, new weapons, but the stone did not move. After two days, he left all the work and continued to work with only one passion in his mind to move the stone. Tried hard. It has been 10 days, a month has passed, but the stone has not moved. Here the means of earning ended as the work stopped. ran out of money There was no money to buy food. In order to move the stone, he used to take daily bath and go to God from time to time. Because there is only one, God-given task to complete. Don't give up.

After a few days, the body also started to give up. Pathya fell ill. God was watching everything. He has nothing left. Once this man appeared again in a dream while he was sleeping.

God asked, “What is going on? He asked why you fell so ill.

He said very frankly, “God, you came to me in a dream last time and gave me a task. I wholeheartedly devoted my whole time to the work given by you. Forgetting even hunger and thirst, I labored to move that stone, and that is why I am in this condition. And surely you know all this, yet you are mocking me by asking me this?”

God smiled, and said to him “You worshiped me with devotion, constant prayer, offered flowers to me daily, despite your poverty you never gave up work, nor did you get bored. I wanted to test you, do you have faith in me or superstition? But I am very sad to say that you have failed in this exam. Last time I came to your dream, it was clearly stated, “There will be a big stone in front of the door of your house. You should honestly try to move that stone.” I didn't say that because you want to move the stone. When did I say you should leave your daily routine, leave your work and "move the rock"? You didn't listen. And you reached this stage thinking only "God given work". I felt very sad. But it's okay, I promise to get you back on the mend and get the energy to work. But one thing to remember is important to make an honest effort. But, it should have limits. Besides, you are hardworking, you will definitely remove poverty with your own hard work.”

Thus God disappeared. That stone is still in front of his door. He spends half an hour every day moving stones. And then he does his work as usual.

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