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Beggars story

 Beggars story

Beggars story

There was a beggar. He used to beg people in the village every day. Eat what you can get. If he didn't get anything, he would live by drinking water. He was tired of this life. Someone told him that you worship Indra outside the village by the river. He will be pleased and make you rich'. He does so. Indra is pleased.

Indra says to him, that you put your bag forward. I used to put money in it. When you say stop, I will stop. But remember, if your bag breaks and the money falls, it will become dust. The beggar takes only as much money as he can fit in his bag and tells him to stop. He was happy with that much money. Then he comes to the village. Buys good clothes, builds a house.

A person asks him that how did you become so rich? Then he tells him the whole truth. That man also runs out of money. He also goes out of the village. Pleases Indra. Indra starts putting money in his bag. He keeps asking for more. Finally, the desire for money forgets to say stop. So his bag gets strained by the money and it breaks. All money falls down and becomes dust. At the same time, Indra also disappears. There is nothing left for him to do but cry.

Purport: One should not be greedy for anything.

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