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मंगळवार, ६ डिसेंबर, २०२२

Allegory : Devoted Eklavya

 Allegory : Devoted Eklavya

Allegory : Devoted Eklavya

The only archer without whom the subject of archery and archery cannot be completed is Eklavya! If Guru Dronacharya had not demanded Gurudakshina from Eklavya at that time; In place of Arjuna, the Bhillaputra Eklavya would have been the greatest archer in the world.

Guru Dronacharya was teaching that archery to the Kauravas and Pandavas, this is the story of that time. - Dronacharya had a special rule that he taught archery only to the princes of Hastinapur. Accordingly, the Kaurava-Pandava princes were taken to the nearby forest. There he taught them this art. How to pick up a bow? How to put an arrow on him? How and how much to pull the bow string? How to focus on your goal? He taught these and many other things very carefully.

Taking all those things carefully from the princes, Guruji perfected them in that art. One day when the children were studying like this, suddenly a Bhil boy came forward and with folded hands he said to Guru Dronacharya, “Gurudev! I am a Bhilputra. I am also very fond of learning archery. Will you please teach me this science? That is what I have come to you for.” All the Kumaras were surprised to hear Eklavya's speech.

One of the Kauravas said, “Oh, you are a mere Bhilputra; What do you want to do, learning this art?” He was ridiculed for that. In fact, that child's request did not discredit Dronacharya as a guru. But his hands were stuck in the royal knowledge that no one but the princes wanted to teach this art. “Babe, seeing your request, your eagerness to learn, your curiosity, in fact, I would have loved to teach you the art too. But what to do? I am not allowed to teach that art to anyone other than these princes, baby!…. Then….” Eklavya heard those words of Dronacharya and felt very sad. He was deeply disappointed.

But he did not get angry with them. Instead, saluting Guru-Dronacharya humbly, he said, “As you wish; But Gurudev, I consider you as my Guru. Now I only request that you bless me with your respect and only Guru's grace.” Guru Dronacharya blessed that humble, humble, inquisitive and knowledgeable child, but he was silent! And Eklavya went away as he had come. Eklavya went to the forest the next day and chose a nice place.

There he made an earthen statue of Dronacharya on a small rock. By paying obeisance to that idol, respecting it, they are teaching us. With such devotion he studied archery. What he had seen from a distance, what Guru Dronacharya was teaching the children, he had heard with his living ear. Many things were observed by close observation. Now he was imbibing all those things with the witness of Guru's statue.

On the strength of effort, study and Guru's grace, that Bhil-son Eklavya soon became a great expert in archery. A dog was also with them. The princes were practicing under the guidance of Guru Dronacharya. His dog who had gone far away came in front…. And all the Kumaras watched in amazement. Someone shot seven arrows into the dog's mouth with such skill that the dog's mouth did not have a single wound; But the dog could not bark because of the net of seven arrows on its mouth. Seeing that skill, however, even the archer Arjuna was confused. Unknowingly he said, “Gurudev, even I cannot do this.

This means that someone else is superior to me…” “No Arjuna, no. No one else can be a great archer except you. Let's do some searching", so Guru Dronacharya went in search of that archer along with the Kumaras. Dronacharya and Kumar behind, and the dog ahead - all these people come to the exact same place and see what a clay statue of Dronacharya! A garland of fresh forest flowers around the statue's neck and that Bhilla son, Eklavya, practicing archery in front of the statue.

Recognizing his concentration of faith and the seven arrows that he shot into the dog's mouth, Dronacharya came to him overwhelmed. How did it sound? Concentrated Eklavya came to consciousness. What he saw in front of him - standing in front of Dronacharya! Seeing them, Eklavya came forward. He promoted them. Dronacharya quickly asked him, “Baby! Oh, who gave you this knowledge of archery, who taught you?” Then he said, "What is somebody, you!" “Oh Dad, I've never been here.

I have not taught this art to anyone except princes.” Then Eklavya calmly said, “Guruji, you have not come here, but I have learned all this from the grace that was bestowed on me from this clay statue. My faith-loyalty, concentration is my guru!” Although it is true that Dronacharya was not there, that Bhillaputra definitely got the honor of being the best archer by his loyalty. Although Guru Dronacharya did not say so, he knew that someone else was superior to Arjuna.

But if it is proved, 'Arjuna! No one else can be better than you. What about the promise? And in the next moment Dronacharya demanded that extraordinary Gurudakshina from that Eklavya. Eklavya was calm and steady even after hearing that demand. He did Guruvandan and the next moment cut off his right thumb and placed it on Gurucharan.

Dronacharya saw Eklavya's courage, loyalty and devotion to Guru and his eyes filled with tears. Taking Eklavya to his stomach, he said, “Baby! Indeed You are great, blessed are you. The world will never forget your sacrifice.”

Meaning: Students need loyalty and faith like Eklavya. They should always keep an ideal like Eklava in front of them, and prove themselves.

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