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गुरुवार, १६ फेब्रुवारी, २०२३




Monsoon came and started raining. All the land got soaked. Green grass grew everywhere

Ramji Patil was working in the field.

There was a hut of Patla near the farm.

Patil came home in the evening.

He was tired from working

As soon as he came to the hut, he lay down on the cot.

It was raining outside

She had three piglets near the hut

The chicks were happy because of the rain

She started screaming 'frightened'.

said the frog,

'Children, Patil is tired

He will get angry hearing your screams.

And will kill you

Don't cry for it.'

The two chicks listened to their mother

But the third kept on doing 'horror'

Patala did not like that Cuttack

He was very angry

And started looking around

A frog is croaking nearby,

Patala saw that.

Patil got up

Came to Bedkapa

Then Patala caught the frog,

And pushed hard

The frog hit a stone and died.

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