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गुरुवार, १६ फेब्रुवारी, २०२३

Demons, Thieves and Brahmins

 Demons, Thieves and Brahmins

Demons, Thieves and Brahmins

In a village there lived a Brahmin named Drona. He was very poor. He used to earn his livelihood only on the money he got from performing the puja. One day a host gifted that poor Brahmin two good milch cows.

He brought the two cows that were donated to his home and from that day the Brahmin's mercy ran away. Once upon a time, that Brahmin will eat stale vegetables! Milk, curd, butter, ghee were sold in the village and milk bread was also eaten at home.

A thief had his eyes on those two beautiful cows of Drona Brahmin. The thief's plan was to see a good opportunity and steal both the cows of the Brahmin. One day when the thief was coming to steal the cows in the dark, on the way the thief met a demon. They asked each other, 'Where are you going and why?'

The thief said, 'I am going to steal the cows of Drona Brahmin. But where are you going?'

Oh, I am actually going to kill that Brahmin and eat him. This brahmin tried to drive away the mala by doing mantra-tantra, he cut off my food and water, but today I am going to eat him.

Done! The attention of both of them turned out to be the same. Both extended a hand of friendship. Both the thief and the demon came to that Brahmin's door. Both of them looked into the house, and the poor Brahmin was sleeping peacefully. The demon was going to eat the Brahmin, the same thief said, Oh wait! I take both the cows first, then you eat him. The demon said, Wa Ra Wa! You are very wise!

When you are leading the cows, if they cower, won't he wake up? So what do I do?

The thief did not understand what the demon was saying and the thief did not give up his haste. By doing this, their voices gradually warmed to each other. Mutual communication started to end. And the arguments started.

Both of them did not stop their loud voices. The cows cowered on hearing that sound. Pearl started barking. Brahmin also woke up from sleep. He caught the demon and the thief and screamed. With that sound, the neighbors used sticks, torches etc. came running. Seeing them the demon Agalil and the thief Dhoom ran away.

Meaning: Don't argue with words. Quarrels are far from profitable, but often cause losses.

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