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गुरुवार, १६ फेब्रुवारी, २०२३

Beautiful my house

 Beautiful my house

Beautiful my house

Beautiful My House Bitti Bedkuli was rolling on the lotus leaf for a long time. Streams of rain were coming from above. There was a sound of 'Tip...Tip..' in the whole lake, how the air had become cold. Bitty felt it was fun to sing. She opened her mouth like that. Meanwhile, a gentle voice was heard from the tree on the other side. Bitty looked over there. A little Munia was weaving her nest. A song was humming in between while weaving delicate, delicate kadyas. But now Bitti is not allowed. She reached the other side in one jump. He said, 'Have you seen my house, how big it is? How colorful lotuses have bloomed inside. She said looking at Talaya admiringly. 'She! What a beautiful house is this? It's full of mud and mud!' Munia said wrinkling her nose. Bitty then went on broken.

How soft mud was spread everywhere today. It seemed like a game of sloppiness. Bitty saw a big stone. As soon as he jumped on it, a voice came from inside, 'Who is it?' After that, the tortoise stuck out its neck and started looking around. 'Agbai! Do you think you live in it, grandfather turtle?' Bitty asked. 'So what! This is my home!' He said entering again. Isn't it fun? Bitti started moving forward thinking in her mind. On the way there was a big beehive hanging on a tree. Bees were flying around it. Some were going, some were coming. 'Ladies! How do you stay in this small house for so long?' Bitty asked. 'Is it small? What hexagonal rooms are inside! Everyone can live comfortably!'. A fly buzzing around the brick answered. Bitti was standing there watching the fun here and there. Not everyone has funny houses, she was saying to herself. There was a big tree laden with fruits on the road. On it were the houses of Sugarnis. She moved from here to there with the wind! Sugarnabai was flying up and down. They were weaving with their beaks. Bapre! How can the house not fall even in such a storm? As Bitty looked up, a voice sounded nearby.

'How beautiful is my house! I live in the house of food.' Bitty searched from one end to the other. A worm sticking out its head was talking to Bitty. 'Yes! This rest indeed!' Bitty nodded. Meanwhile, there was a thunderous sound from the sky again and it started raining. There was a big umbrella in front of him. Bitty ran and stood under it. But now she wanted to sing once again and in that joy she started singing. Cold wind and torrent of rain, drenched rane and panopani song, pattern of drops in swirling water, drenched birds swinging on the branch, fragrance added to the wet soil, most beautiful of all, my home!! '

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