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गुरुवार, १६ फेब्रुवारी, २०२३

A bell around the cat's neck

 A bell around the cat's neck

A bell around the cat's neck

There were many rats living in a grocery store. Since there was a grocery store, they could get plenty of food there. They used to beat grains, dry fruits, biscuits etc. Such gluttonous rats used to cause a lot of loss to the shopkeeper. The shopkeepers thought that something must be done about these rats. Otherwise one day it will be my turn to be poor.

Thinking this, the shopkeeper brought a cat to the shop one day. Since her arrival, the mice have not been able to move freely. When the cat saw its daily mice, it would catch them and eat them. Due to this, the number of mice started to decrease rapidly. The rats were now very worried. They decided to adopt the cat permanently. He called a meeting for that.

It was discussed above in the meeting. But no one understands how to take care of the cat. After a while a clever mouse said, the cat moves very light-footed and very nimble. Therefore, none of us know that she has come and therefore we are constantly in fear of being caught by her. Then a young mouse said that we must somehow tie a bell around the cat's neck.

All mice liked this solution very well. A mouse said that's fine, when the cat starts walking, the bell will ring and we will be alert and run away from it. Everyone was very happy and the mice who had been told the solution were very proud of their cleverness. Then an old rat said, stop this is madness. Just tell me who will tie a bell around a cat's neck? Then everyone started looking at each other. Just then the cat came there and pounced on a mouse.

Lesson: A solution that is not implemented is ineffective

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