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मंगळवार, १७ जानेवारी, २०२३

Clever judge

 Clever judge

Clever judge

A gentleman sold his well to a neighbor. When the new owner went to draw water from this well, the first owner of the well did not let him fill it.

The surprised new owner asked him, 'Oh! Why don't you let me irrigate your land when I paid full price for it?'

The old owner said, 'I have only sold you a well. The water in her has not been sold. Then you have absolutely no right to that water.'

Enraged by this strange argument, the new owner of that well went to court. The judge summoned both the new and old owners of the well and asked the old owner, 'Is it true that you sold your well to your neighbor?'

Old Owner - Yes. But in the sale deed of the well, since I have mentioned that I have sold only the well to him, my neighbor has absolutely no right to the water in that well.

Justice - You are absolutely right.

OLD OWNER - (joyfully) Justice ! Do you also think I am right? It seems But despite this, this is my neighbor, who only bought that well, so he claims the water in it!

Justice - That is wrong for him to say, but at the same time, even though you have sold your well, you use it to store water. So now till you continue to use that well, you should pay a rent of fifty rupees every day to your neighbor who is now the owner of that well.'

As soon as the judge said this, the man surrendered to them and, begging forgiveness for the crime he had committed, agreed to sell the well to the neighbor with the water.

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