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मंगळवार, १७ जानेवारी, २०२३

A rabbit with many friends

 A rabbit with many friends

A rabbit with many friends

There was a rabbit who knew all the animals in the forest. He was happy that he had many friends. Once in the morning when he was chased by a hunter, he tried his best and tried some tricks but it was of no use. Then he requested the horse to sit on his back and told him. 'If you take me on your back, he won't have to investigate me. The horse replied, 'I am very sorry to see you in trouble, but your other friends are near and will surely help you.' The rabbit went forward to the bull. Then the bull said, “I would have helped with great pleasure, but I have very important work to do, I must do it, I will help you again sometime.” Then the rabbit went to the buck, and the buck said, “I don't feel well. You will be harmed by the Basalpa on my back.' Then when he went to the sheep, she said, 'What is the use of me? I walk very slowly, and I am also afraid of the hunting dog. Finally, frustrated, Sashya asked a calf, and the calf said, 'How can a young and inexperienced boy like me take up the work that has been abandoned by those more experienced and powerful than me...?

If I take you off the back, the others will be angry. You know my love for you, but even best friends have to stay away from each other forever. Look, the hounds have come? The unfortunate rabbit was soon caught and lost its life.

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