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मंगळवार, ६ डिसेंबर, २०२२

The monk and the bear

The monk and the bear 

There was a sadhu and while he was going to his parnkuti through the dense forest, he saw a bear limping along the way. When the monk went near the bear, he saw a thorn stuck in the bear's leg.

Then the monk removed the thorn from the bear's foot. The bear felt better after the thorn was removed. The pain in the leg was reduced. Here the sadhu started on his way. But Asvala remembered the favor done by the monk.

The bear also followed the monk. When the sadhu came to know this, the sadhu said, I have done my duty. There is no need for you to come with me. Then the bear said, Give me a chance to serve you.

I will serve you, I will not rest until I repay you. Again the bear started following the monk. The monk stopped under a tree to rest and fell asleep.

But the bear was sitting beside the monk. At that time a bee sat on the sadhu's nose and started to bother the sadhu. Then the bear got angry with the bee. The horse struck the bee with its claws to dislodge it.

The bee flew away and the monk's nose was injured by the bear's paw. Sadhu woke up with a jolt. The bear was very sad that he went to do a favor and sat doing a disservice.

Meaning: Be the servant of the wise but not the master of the fool.

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