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बुधवार, २१ डिसेंबर, २०२२

Parable : A handful of pohas

 Parable : A handful of pohas

Parable : A handful of pohas

What is true friendship; How friendship should be, how to preserve it, how to maintain it, how to maintain it - the story of Shri Krishna and Sudama is the story that tells and teaches these things! – Both Krishna and Sudama are best friends from childhood! Both of them studied together in the Ashram of Sage Sandipani. Even in the ashram, they have a great love for each other. Whatever comes to hand, breaks it in half with the teeth of the Sudama sparrow; First he used to fill it to Krishna and what was left behind he used to eat and belch with love.

Sudama used to help Krishna in every work in the ashram. Their study, reading and recitation also went together. The education in that ashram ended and a gap developed between the two friends. Later Krishna grew so big that he became the king of Dwarka. But poor Sudama remained poor and poor. Chandramouli used to live in a dilapidated hut. He used to wear tattered clothes.

But both of them were living in different situations. However, his friendship, mutual love, interest and intimacy did not diminish even for a moment. Even though Krishna was in royal bliss, he always remembered his friend; While telling poor Sudama that my friend is the king of Dwarka, his chest would fill with friendship. Sudama lived in his poor condition with love, happiness and contentment.

One day Sudamaya's wife said to him, “Hey, Shri Krishna is your best friend. He is your God, not just sakha-savangadi, but everything. right? Then go to him once…. Ask him for something. He will surely help us in some way. You should go to him and ask for something.' Sudama was not like that. He could not think of asking someone for something for him. He always used to say, 'It is true that we will get as much as we have in our destiny; Then what else to ask from whom?' But when the wife insisted, Sudama agreed to go to Shri Krishna.

But how to approach a friend empty-handed? So Sudama felt, because he really had nothing to give such a rich friend, he was very very poor. Finally Sudamaya's wife tied a small dry swimming pool. And with that he came to his city to meet Lord Krishna.

As soon as he got the news that his friend Sudama had come to meet him, Shri Krishna ran to meet him. He embraced Sudama with great love. That meeting brought tears to Sudama's eyes. Sudamaya was filled with joy to see that Krishna had not forgotten his friendship even after growing up so much. Shri Krishna brought Sudamaya to his palace. Washed his feet. He was given a fragrant bath, made to wear rich clothes - ornaments - everything.

Then Krishna sitting near Sudamya asked him, “Friend, is everything fine at home? how is my sister in law How are the kids?” "God, by your grace all are well." Sudama said. And then Shri Krishna asked, "What the hell, didn't my sister-in-law give anything for me?" Sudamya had a handful of dry swimming trunks given to him by his wife, but how could he give them to such a rich friend; His hand was moving back and forth with this idea. Shri Krishna insisted a lot.

When asked, Sudama handed over the swimming trunk to Krishna. Krishna ate it dry but soaked with friendship with great love. Sudamaya felt blessed. Sudama was amazed by the greatness of Krishna's mind, his friend's wealth and glory. After enjoying the royal hospitality at Dwarka for three or four days, Sudama went back to his home after reminiscing his childhood memories. Both the friends bid each other a fond farewell.

In fact, the wife had sent Sudamaya to Krishna, asking Krishna for something for him; But Sudamji did not ask for anything from his illustrious friend. On the contrary, while returning to his home, Sudama removed the heavy clothes and ornaments from his body. He put his tattered clothes back on and started back. Shri Krishna came forward to bid farewell to his friend.

Sudama again embraced his love and said, "God, it is good, let such greed remain," Sudama turned back to his house with full eyes. Rukmini said to Krishna, “Nath! What is it, Sudama didn't ask for anything, but shouldn't you understand and give something?" “Goddess! The one who surrenders with undivided devotion gets everything without asking.”

Krishna's words were very true, because even before Sudama went to his house, Krishna had filled his entire house with wealth, riches and glory. Sudama realized that his friend had offered so much in return for a handful of poha. Sudama's heart was filled with that worldly friend-love.

Meaning: If you want friendship, do it like this, do it like this and keep it like this.

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