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मंगळवार, ६ डिसेंबर, २०२२

Frog and mouse

 Frog and mouse

Frog and mouse

The frog and the mouse were friends. The frog lived by the pond. So, the rat lived in a burrow near the lake. Once a mouse invited a frog to his house for dinner.

Rats and frogs ate here. The frog was happy. He also invited the mouse for dinner. The mouse went to the frog for food, but the mouse could not go because the frog's house was in the water. Here the frog got worried.

He started thinking why the rat did not come. When he came out of the water, the rat was sitting near the edge. The frog understood his friend's problem. He came up with a trick.

The frog tied the mouse's tail to his leg and left. What fun! The mouse's nose started to water and the poor mouse died. The frog felt very sad. Because the mouse's tail was tied to the frog's leg, the frog floated in water and water and the mouse in the pond.

A hornet was flying in the sky and her attention was drawn to a rat floating in the water. Ghari caught the mouse in its beak and flew away. Because the mouse was at the frog's feet, the frog was also hanging. Ghari trapped the mouse and the frog. Even the frog had to lose his life.

Meaning: While choosing a friend, one should choose the right friend.

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